Is Your Baby Tongue-Tied? How Tongue Release Surgery Can Help

If your baby is tongue-tied, it's time to visit a dentist. You might not realize this, but being tongue-tied can cause serious problems for your baby. In fact, your baby might not be able to eat right when they're tongue-tied. Luckily, a tongue-release surgery will resolve the issue for your baby. If you're not sure how tongue tie release will help your baby, read the list provided below. Here are four ways that tongue-release surgery will provide benefits for your baby.

Improve Milk Production

If you're breastfeeding your baby, it's time to talk to the dentist about tongue-release surgery. When your baby is tongue-tied, it can interfere with milk production because suckling helps to stimulate the mammary glands. That stimulation helps ensure adequate milk production for your baby. Unfortunately, babies that are tongue-tied have a hard time suckling. This can reduce milk production, which can interfere with proper nutrition. Have tongue-release surgery performed on your baby to improve milk production.

Improve Nipple Latch

If your baby doesn't latch onto the breast right, tongue release surgery can help. The right nipple latch benefits you and your baby. In fact, improper latch increases the risk of breast engorgement and breast infections. But, it can also cause feeding frustration because your baby won't get enough milk during each feeding. To avoid those problems, talk to your dentist about scheduling tongue-release surgery to improve latching.

Reduce Gagging

If your baby does a lot of gagging, take a look inside their mouth. In fact, run your finger under their tongue. If their tongue feels short, or the frenulum doesn't move, you may want to think about tongue release. A tongue release can reduce gagging. It's not uncommon for tongue-tied babies to gag. Gagging can happen for a couple of reasons. One reason is that your baby can't transfer milk through their mouth properly. Tongue release surgery will loosen the frenulum and release your baby's tongue. This will allow your baby to transfer milk without gagging. 

Reduce Gas

If your baby is tongue-tied, you can expect them to have a lot of gas. They might even become colicky. Unfortunately, colic can cause severe discomfort for your baby. Babies that are tongue-tied often experience colic and severe gas pain because they can't regulate the amount of milk they swallow. They can even swallow a lot of air when they're tongue-tied. Tongue-release surgery will reduce the gas and alleviate problems with colic. 

For more information about tongue releases, contact a professional.