The Three Main Options For Teeth Whitening

Do you want to have whiter teeth, but you're not sure about the best way to do it? You'll definitely want to know more about these three options for teeth whitening. 

Whitening Strips

The easiest form of teeth whitening that you can use is whitening strips. This is because they are commonly available for you to pick up at a pharmacy or grocery store without a prescription. The way that they work is by placing a strip on your teeth that has peroxide on it. These strips tend to only cover the front teeth that are visible, rather than the rear molars, but the front teeth are the teeth that others typically see. 

Whitening strips are going to be a simple and affordable teeth whitening option. However, they may not give you the results that you want right away. This is because anything that you can buy at the store is going to contain a low concentration of peroxide that is safe for home use, and it can take a while to see results. However, they are great for people that want to touch up their teeth after getting a professional whitening treatment done.

Laser Whitening

The main benefit of laser whitening is that it offers incredibly fast results. It is all done in the office by a dentist, and it works by using a laser to activate a special gel that is put on your teeth. You'll end up having instant results that you can see when you leave the dentist's office, so you know you'll be happy with how your teeth look.

Laser whitening is typically the most expensive of the three whitening methods, which is what you may assume when you have instant results. The speed of the procedure can also leave your teeth feeling more sensitive afterward when compared to the other two procedures. Laser whitening can be great when you have a special occasion coming up, like a wedding or reunion, where you want your teeth to look their best. 

Teeth Bleaching 

Teeth bleaching involves creating some custom trays that are designed to fit the shape of your teeth. You will apply a peroxide gel to the trays and wear them at home, which works much better than whitening strips because they can get between the small crevices of your teeth. 

Be aware that teeth bleaching requires a trip to the dentist because you need custom trays and special peroxide gel. What makes this gel special is that it is more powerful than what you will find at the store with whitening strips, and can get the job done faster. However, it falls in the middle of the previous two methods in terms of speed, cost, and how sensitive it leaves your teeth afterward.  

For more info about teeth whitening, contact a local company.