Dental Health Tips To Keep In Mind For Back To School Season

As you move through the dog days of summer, you and your kids are likely trying to make the most of the warm weather before the end of August or Labor Day weekend brings with it a new school year for your children. But with back-to-school season closer than most kids would like, it's time to at least start thinking about this fall. Stocking up on new clothes or notebooks is always a good idea, but don't forget to make sure your children go into the new school year prepared to protect their dental health.

The Final Weeks of Summer Are a Great Time for a Check Up From Your Local Dentistry

Once the new school year is in full swing in September, your children might not have much time in their busy schedules to squeeze in a dentist appointment, especially if your local dentist doesn't have extended evening or weekend hours. Get your kids in for their check-ups or any last-minute dental work this August so they can head off to school with a smile that looks good and provides confidence when interacting with their classmates. If it's been a while since you've had your own check-up, get the whole family involved.

Prepare Your Child for Going Without Brushing By Providing Mini Mouthwash, Sugar-Free Gum If Allowed, or Other Options

Your child will still be able to brush his or her teeth in the morning and when they return from school or late at night. But if your child has a lot of after-school activities, they may go longer than you or your dentist would like in between oral care routines. You can help keep cavities at bay by providing your child with things that will allow them to rinse their mouth or otherwise fight bacteria and tartar, provided you remain in compliance with school policy. Mini bottles of mouthwash can fit in a school bag, sugar-free gum is always good in a pinch to encourage saliva production to rinse out a mouth, and swishing around some bottled water is better than nothing.

Talk With Your Child About Their Food Options or Prepare to Pack a Lunch

Talk with your child long before school begins about making healthy choices in the school cafeteria, or consider doing some planning now so that you can pack healthy and oral health-friendly lunches for your child when it's time to head back to school. Keep your kid away from the snack cart in other words, and they'll keep sugar out of their mouth.

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