Tips To Help Maintain Your Teeth After Teeth Whitening Treatment

In 2020, 37 million Americans used teeth whitening products. Teeth whitening treatment is an option for many, either for personal or professional reasons. Although the treatment is essential to achieve the desired result, what you do after the procedure is important to ensure your teeth remain white. 

With poor habits and poor aftercare routines, your teeth are prone to discoloration. Besides, professional teeth whitening costs a couple of thousand dollars, and you want to ensure the results last longer. Below are tips that will help to maintain your white set of teeth.

Observe Proper Dental Hygiene

As a child, you were taught basic oral hygiene like brushing. Other than that, consider flossing every day to eliminate plaque that accumulates over time. You should also buy an antiseptic mouthwash and use it to rinse your mouth before bed to kill bacteria that causes plaque.

If you don't have tooth sensitivity, you can buy whitening toothpaste and use it to brush more often. The toothpaste will serve as a touch-up and eliminate any surface stains that may have accumulated over time. It also helps prevent discoloration.

Avoid These Foods and Drinks

Many drinks can stain your teeth that you might need to limit—for example, beverages like tea, coffee, red wine, and soda and food such as berries. Old habits die hard, and sometimes, it can be hard to stay away from tea or coffee.

If you still want to drink these beverages, consider using straws. There are metal straws in most stores that are reusable. Metal straws are ideal for both cold and hot beverages and are also convenient since you can carry them around. Alternatively, you can consume these foods and drinks moderately.

Refrain from Smoking

Smoking is a major reason for teeth discoloration. It badly stains the teeth and adversely affects your dental health. After teeth whitening treatment, going back to smoking is counterintuitive and will yield the same results. Therefore, before going in for your procedure, try to quit smoking.

While it's no easy task to quit smoking, you can schedule a consultation with your doctor to discuss how they can help. Doctors can find better and more effective long-term solutions for you. 

Ready for Your Teeth Whitening Treatment?

Teeth whitening is an effective procedure, especially when done professionally. Aftercare is more critical as it ensures you retain your white teeth. Remember to stay away from habits like smoking or drinking too much caffeine, which may have caused your discoloration. Book your teeth whitening procedure with a dentist today and follow the above tips for long-term results. Look for a dentist who can provide cosmetic dentistry services.