Three Reasons That Chewing Gum Is A Bad Idea When You Wear Dentures

There are several reasons that people enjoy chewing gum. Some people appreciate how gum freshens their breath, while others appreciate gum as a means to occupy their mouths when they're trying to quit using tobacco. If you've chewed gum for a long time, it will be time to reconsider this behavior once you get dentures. When you have your teeth removed and get fitted for dentures, you'll soon learn how you can still eat most foods and you may even feel more confident in your smile. One change that you'll need to adjust to, however, is that you shouldn't chew gum any longer. Here are three reasons that chewing gum and dentures don't mix.

It Could Loosen Your Dentures

When you wear dentures, perhaps your biggest goal is for them to remain in place from the start of the day to the time that you remove them before bed. Unfortunately, when you're chewing gum, the stickiness of the gum has the potential to pull your upper or lower dentures away from your gums. This can lead to a moment of serious embarrassment, especially if it occurs in front of other people — and especially if they weren't previously aware that you wore dentures. When you stay away from chewing gum, such an issue is unlikely to occur.

It Could Stain Your Dentures

You want your dentures to look as natural as possible in the months and years ahead, rather than get stained and look old. While you can keep your dentures looking bright by cleaning them daily, you'll also want to avoid products that may stain them. Many types of chewing gum have artificial colors that can stain not only peoples' natural teeth, but also their dentures. The difference is that a person can get his or her teeth whitened, but once dentures are seriously stained, they can be hard to get white again.

It Could Promote Gingivitis

A lot of chewing gum contains sugar, and whenever you're introducing sugar into your mouth, you're also introducing bacteria. Bacteria is a concern for a number of reasons, but the biggest issue for someone who wears dentures is that he or she may develop gingivitis. In cases of severe gingivitis, your gums will be sore — and the constant contact from your dentures may thus cause you pain. When you skip chewing gum, you'll be able to lessen your risk of the above issues.

To learn more about the best care for your dentures, contact a dentist near you.