Why White Teeth Are Associated With Youth

Having a pearly-white smile is something to cherish, especially since it's commonly associated with being young. If you've ever wondered why people think that white teeth are youthful, here's the answer.

Before Stains

When children get their first baby teeth and their first adult teeth, they come in looking white, pristine, and perfect. Even children who experience cavities but who otherwise engage in good oral health will typically have white-looking teeth. The majority of people who experience yellow or brown teeth in their early years do so because of the food or drink that they consume creating stains on their teeth. However, most kids never experience this, as they don't tend to consume some of the common culprits of tooth staining, like wine and coffee. As a result, when people see nice white teeth, they often think of youth.

After Wear and Tear

The youth-craze doesn't stop there, though. Another common reason for teeth appearing darker, yellow, or simply less vibrant over the years is typically due to age-related wear and tear. After decades of using your teeth, especially if your oral care hasn't been ideal, the enamel on your teeth may begin to wear down. As it does so, it can expose yellow or brown dentin underneath. As a result, many older people who don't seek cosmetic improvements for their teeth will have a yellow or brown underlying tone to their teeth. Since this tends to be a problem with older people more than the young, it's a look that's commonly associated with old age. Thus, once again, healthy and white-looking teeth seem like the opposite, and thus are reminders of youth, health, and vibrancy.


Finally, one can't claim that white teeth are tied to youth without looking to Hollywood. The vast majority of Hollywood stars have perfect-looking teeth. These celebrities do everything they can to craft perfect appearances and are typically the image of youth, whether it's natural due to being young or from a variety of cosmetic procedures to reverse the effects of aging. In either case, white smiles often make people think of youthful celebrities. Once again, white teeth are a sign of health and being young.

Having white teeth doesn't have to be limited to the young. No matter how young or old you are, a good dentist can help you to get the pearly whites you've been dreaming of. Find more information at a website like http://www.lindendentalnaples.com. Just don't be surprised when co-workers and friends think you look younger—it's all thanks to your freshly whitened teeth!