Three Advantages Of One-Day Crown Treatments

Not long ago, if you needed a crown put on a tooth, you would have to visit the dentist at least twice over a period of a few weeks. First, a mold needed to be made of your tooth. This mold was sent out to the lab, which made the crown. When the crown finally arrived back from the lab, you could make another appointment with your dentist and have the crown put on the tooth.

Nowadays, technology is changing the way crowns are made and applied. Many dentists have begun using 3D printing technology to offer same-day crown services. This is a bit more expensive than a standard crown procedure, but there are a few advantages that make same-day crowns worth the cost.

You don't have to wear a temporary crown.

When you have a crown applied across two appointments, your dentist has you wear a temporary crown between the appointments. This crown is made from a hard plastic substance. While it does offer some protection for your tooth, a temporary crown does limit what you can eat. You'll need to avoid very crunchy and sticky foods until you have the permanent crown put into place. Thankfully, with same-day crowns, there is no temporary crown needed, so you don't have to amend your eating habits or hope the temporary crown stays in place.

You'll have fewer issues with sensitivity.

Your dentist needs to abrade away a little of the enamel on your tooth to make space for the crown. This can cause some tooth sensitivity in the days that follow. With a standard crown procedure, you'll notice this sensitivity after your first appointment, and then it will subside again. However, it will probably come back again after your second appointment, since your dentist will have to expose your tooth to put the permanent crown in place. With a same-day crown, you will only have to go through one period of sensitivity.

You don't have to spend as long at the dentist.

Making a dentist appointment is not always easy, especially when you have work and other obligations. With same-day crown services, you only have to squeeze one appointment into your busy schedule. You don't have to spend as long in the car, either.

If your dentist offers you the option of a same-day crown, this is a good choice. The benefits you experience are well worth the slightly higher price tag. To learn more about dental crowns, contact a dental office like All Valley Dental.