Getting Dental Veneers? Three Things You Need To Remember

Dental veneers really can change your smile for the better. Your smile will be permanently whiter, and any malformations of your teeth will disappear behind the veneers. However, there are some very important things you need to remember about veneers, once you have them.

Your Real Teeth Are Just Behind the Veneers

Your real teeth are still present behind your new veneers. This means that you still have to care for your teeth in the same way you have always done (or should have done). You still have to brush and floss, or your real teeth could get cavities and you could get gum disease as well. If that were to happen, your smile would be very awkward because you would have these perfectly white teeth with puffy, bleeding gums above them; not a pretty sight.

You Cannot Use Your "Teeth" to Open Bottles or Food Packages

It is a fairly common occurrence to use your teeth to open tightly-lidded bottles and plastic food packages that your fingers and hands cannot seem to open. However, once you have veneers, you can no longer do that. Continuing this particular habit means that you could damage your veneers, even break them! Then you would look especially ridiculous with a broken front veneer revealing your real tooth behind it! Ergo, stop using your teeth now to open things or all that money you spent on veneers will lose every time you break one.

Veneers Do Not Last Forever

While taking very good care of your mouth and your veneers means that you will have your veneers for a long time, these dental products do not last forever. At best, the expectation is that your veneers will last about a decade, maybe two, if you are really good about oral hygiene and avoiding bad habits. However, you may need the veneers replaced eventually, or removed altogether. Plan ahead and decide how you want to handle that event.

Your Dentist May Have Other Instructions and Advice

After you get your veneers, your dentist may have other instructions and advice. Listen carefully to what he or she has to say because it is important. Follow through on the instructions your dentist gives you to care for your mouth and your veneers going forward. As long as you follow through consistently, you can enjoy your brand-new, perfect, and perfectly white, smile for several more years to come.

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