Helping Kids Cope With Yellow Teeth

If you have a child that has yellow teeth that's not due to staining, then you'll want to help them with coping skills, information, and hope. There is a good chance that they can end up getting picked on for the color of their teeth. Helping them approach this correctly can help them to maintain good self-esteem. You also want to educate them on the reasons for yellow teeth and let them know what can be done about it, so they understand they can have white teeth in the future.

Educating your child on why they have yellow teeth

When it comes to educating your child on the reason for their yellow teeth, you want to explain enamel to them. Enamel is the outermost shell of their teeth. It is what protects them and what gives them their whiteness. Less enamel means the inner coloring of the tooth can be seen through the enamel, which is a yellow or orange color. The fact that they have yellow teeth simply means that they have less enamel than what many other people have on their teeth.

Helping your child deal with other children

If your child is being picked on or even bullied about their teeth there is a great strategy you can teach them that should really help. When children ask the things like, "Why are your teeth so yellow?" or "Don't you brush your teeth?" you can give them a great response to use. Tell your child to maintain their composure and respond in a non-confrontational way and educate the child on the reason for the color of their teeth. They can explain about thinner enamel and how no matter how much they brush their teeth it won't change their color. When your child shows the other kids that their comments don't bother them and that there is a medical reason for their teeth looking the way they do, the kids will more than likely back off.

Explaining how your child can get whiter teeth in the future

As soon as your child is old enough that their teeth have stopped growing, there are options to give them a white smile. While regular whitening products won't work, porcelain veneers can be put on the teeth as soon as they have stopped growing. Let your child know these veneers can come in the color and shade of their choosing, so they can go as white as they want!

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