Addressing Two Of Your Concerns About Dental Implants

When you have lost of one of your teeth, you may suffer embarrassment and low self-esteem. There are treatment options that can be used to repair this problem. However, there are some individuals that are fairly uninformed when it comes to the options that they can use to address this issue. To help you better evaluate your treatment option, it might be beneficial to learn the answers to some of the more common questions concerning dental implants.

Is There A Risk Of The Procedure Failing?

There is a frequent concern among some patients about their dental implants failing. While this is a possibility, there is a relatively low risk of this problem arising. When it does happen, it usually occurs from complications during the recovery phase of this process. In particular, keeping the site of the surgery clean is one of the most important steps you can take to avoid the implant failing. If the surgery site were to become infected, it is possible for the tissue around the implant to die, which can cause it to fall out. In order to greatly reduce this risk, you should keep the site as clean as possible by regularly using the mouthwash recommended by your dentist and returning for your followup visits.

When Will You Need To Have The Implant Replaced?

The process of having an implant placed in your mouth can be rather lengthy and expensive. Not surprisingly, it is a common concern for some individuals to be worried about when the implant will need to be replaced. Luckily, these implants are designed to be permanent. While it may be necessary to replace the artificial tooth, the actual implant that is attached to the jaw will not need to be replaced. Also, the process of replacing the artificial tooth is relatively simple and will not require surgery. By having your implant inspected by your dentist at least once a year, you will be able to know when the time is approaching to replace the artificial tooth.

When you are needing to have a missing tooth addressed, dental implants can be one of the more effective options that you can use. By appreciating the importance of keeping the surgery site as clean as possible as well as the fact that the actual implant will not need to be replaced, you will find yourself in a much stronger position to decide whether undergoing this procedure is the best solution for your tooth replacement needs. For more information, contact local professionals like Cumberland Periodontal Associate​​.