Three Facts About Getting Dental Implants

If you have teeth that are missing, either due to injury or extraction, a dental implant is a great way to treat it. It will be more comfortable than dentures and provide more strength than a dental bridge, all while giving support to those teeth that neighbor the implant. If you are planning to get dental implants, here are three interesting facts about the procedure.

A Single Implant Can Secure Multiple Teeth

Do you need dental implants because you have several teeth missing that are next to each other? You may not need a titanium post installed for each individual tooth. There are modified implants that can be installed at a central point for several artificial teeth. They essentially act like a much more secure partial denture.

The main benefit of using this method for dental implants is that you can get all of the titanium posts implanted into your jaw on the same day. Once healed, the finished implant will provide more stability than a partial denture and give you more confidence when speaking because of that.

Your Sinuses May Be Moved

Have you ever suffered from an infection in your sinuses that caused a toothache? This is because your sinuses have four different parts that reside in different places in your head, with your maxillary sinuses being above where your molars are located.

If a molar fell out because of decay, the jaw bone underneath may also be deteriorating. This would require a bone graft if you were to get a dental implant to fix it. Depending on how bad the decay in the jaw is, your dentist may have to move your sinuses in order to perform the bone graft.

While it may seem strange, it won't have an impact on your sinuses.

Bone Grafts Can Come From Cows

While bone grafts can come from other parts of your body, that requires additional surgery and time to recover. Another option is to source the bone from a cow. The dentist implants the cow bone into the jaw where it has decayed and become weak. Over time, the tissue recognizes the cow bone and heals around it, as the two bones become a single bone.

Cow bones are used because they are readily available and a reliable sources of bone that humans respond well to. There are also synthetic bones available as well.

For more info about getting dental implants, speak with your dentist.