A Dental Appliance May Help Your Snoring And Sleep Apnea

If you snore frequently, it may be affecting your health. Snoring occurs when the tissues in your upper airway relax to the point that your airway collapses on itself. Snoring is the sound of air struggling to get through the relaxed tissues. This can lead to periods of sleep apnea that pose hazards to your health. At the very least, it can disrupt your sleep several times throughout the night. You may wake up tired, and be groggy at work with no idea snoring is the cause. One way to stop snoring and the sleep apnea associated with it is to wear a dental appliance. Here's what you should know about this approach to managing your snoring and apnea problem.

Determine Suitability

A dental appliance helps the obstructive type of sleep apnea. It positions your jaw in a way that keeps your airway from collapsing. It is most suitable for mild and moderate cases of apnea. Your dentist will examine your mouth and upper airway to determine if a dental appliance will help your situation. If so, it could be an ideal solution since the dental device is small, easy to take when you travel, and it is comfortable to wear.

Fitting The Appliance

The dental appliance that's used for snoring and obstructive sleep apnea looks similar to a sports mouth guard. It is made of soft plastic so it is comfortable enough not to interfere with your sleep. It has to be custom fit to be effective, so your dentist makes an impression of your mouth on the first visit and then sends the impression to a dental lab. The lab uses the mold to create your custom appliance.

On your next dentist visit, the appliance will be tested and tweaked to make sure it fits you comfortably. You'll also learn how to care for it to keep it sanitary. You only need to wear it at night when you sleep or during the day when you nap. It may take a while to get used to having it in your mouth when you're trying to sleep, but eventually you'll get used to it. The appliance works by causing your lower jaw to jut forward just enough to keep your airway open.

If the device is effective, you should notice a difference in the way you sleep and feel right away. If you are able to sleep without constant interruption at night, you should feel better and have more energy during the day. For more information about how dental appliances could help your sleep apnea problem, contact a dentist such as Ann L Ortega DDS