Two Easy Ways To Save Money On Dental Implant Costs

The idea of obtaining a new smile without having to deal with the frustrating downfalls that come along with dentures is one that makes many patients prefer dental implants. However, with the average total cost of implanting just one new prosthetic tooth coming in at over $4,000, dental implants may not be a procedure that some patients can afford. Before you decide that dentures will be your only option for a new smile, you should know that there are at least two ways that you can save on the overall cost of dental implants.

Check with Local Dentistry Schools

If you happen to have a school of dentistry nearby or even within traveling distance, it is always a good idea to check with these organizations about dental implants if you are looking to save money on the end costs. Most people already know that you can obtain low-cost, or even free, dental care by allowing student dentists to perform procedures, but schools that offer cosmetic dental education also offer a range of other procedures, including dental implants.

Because these educational institutions need participants willing to be patients to train and educate students, you can often get dental implants at a reduced cost. Your work will be completed by a dentist in training who is led by a team of skilled dental educators. There are 65 schools of dentistry in 36 states across the country.

Take a Look at Dental Discount Plans

Discount dental plans are an optional membership-based service that operates beyond the perimeters of traditional dental insurance plans. The biggest benefit to these plans is the fact that you can usually get discounts on services that may not otherwise be covered by regular insurance, such as dental implants.

With a dental discount plan, you pay a monthly or annual fee that can be as low as around $100 per year, and you are typically required to visit dentists that fall within the participating network of dentists and professionals. But being a member can get you some really attractive discounts that may allow you to obtain dental implants that would otherwise not be an affordable option for your budget.

The bottom line is this: Even if you think you cannot afford dental implants, there may be opportunities to provide you with a cost that you can more afford. Be sure you take some time to talk to a cosmetic dental professional to find out more about affordable dental implants.

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