Dealing With Tooth Trauma

Most dental injuries are usually taken care of right from the dentist's office if there is no other bodily harm done. There are three main types of tooth damage. One type of damage will cause the tooth to become loose and may even cause it to fall out completely. Another type of damage can cause the crown of the tooth to change in appearance, and the last type of damage causes problems with the root of the tooth. Each one of these results can be bad for your oral health if not taken care of.

Seeking Treatment

There are several ways to traumatize a tooth, including falling, an auto accident, a sports injury, or wear and tear. Once your tooth has been damaged, it is crucial to see a dentist right away to have it repaired. The sooner you go and have it treated, the better chance that the tooth will be preserved. In many cases, you could end up losing the tooth for good if it is not salvageable. This would then require a dental implant to help fill in the space from the missing tooth. If the tooth is only chipped, you will likely need a dental crown. This is an enamel that covers up the chipped part so that the tooth looks more normal. 

Handling the Tooth

In a lot of cases, a tooth will get knocked out during an injury. This typically happens with one of the front teeth. If the tooth is a baby tooth, the dentist won't likely replace it since the permanent tooth will come in eventually. If the tooth is a permanent one, you want to always handle it by the crown of the tooth which is the part you eat with. You never want to grab the root of the tooth or you could damage it for good. If you can place it back in the space, you should do this. If not, you should put the tooth in a glass of milk. This helps preserve it better so the dentist will have a better chance at reattaching it. 

Preventing Tooth Injuries

Experts suggest that around 80% of dental injuries occur on one of the front teeth. While this may be bad aesthetically, it can also mean that it is easier to get to in order to be fixed. It can also mean that it can be prevented in many cases. Since sports are one cause of tooth injuries, it is important to wear a mouth guard when playing. Helmets and face cages can also be used for more violent sports and activities. Taking an extra precaution can help prevent many dental injuries. 

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