Help Your Kids Get Through Summer Without Dental Problems

It's summer time and the kids are home from school. As happy as you are to spend more time with them, you also understand as a vigilant parent that the summer is a time when kids can get caught up in things like swimming and playing outside, which can present some threats to their dental care. Here are a few tips to keep in mind this summer to make sure your child gets through the season with their teeth in great shape.

Promote Water as the Beverage of Choice

With all of the outdoor activity that kids do in the summer, it's a given they are going to work up a sweat and probably go running for the fridge as soon as they get home. If your child is consuming more beverages than usual because of the hot weather, make sure they aren't binging on beverages that could harm their dental health. Keep your fridge stocked with plenty of bottled water and try to cut back on sugary drinks like soda. You don't have to be a total buzzkill, but if your child does drink a soda, at least encourage them to follow it up with a bit of water after if they can't brush their teeth immediately.

Don't Let the Different Bedtime Throw Off the Brushing Routine

It's not uncommon for parents to let their kids stay up later during the summer, and maybe on occasion pull an all-nighter with friends. With that said, make sure the change in routine doesn't change their brushing habits. Encourage them to continue brushing before they crash at the end of the night, no matter how late it might be.

Mouths Need Protection Too

If your child is outdoors a lot engaging in physical activity, make sure they are properly equipped if playing a contact sport. Head to the local sporting goods store and invest in a decent mouth guard that will protect their mouth and teeth in the event that a projectile like a baseball or street hockey puck goes flying towards their face. Encourage the rest of the team to also wear mouth guards if you have the influence to do so.

Summer is a time for late nights and outdoor activity. It's okay to let your kid have fun while school is out, just make sure the fun doesn't come at the expense of their dental care routine. Encourage water, not pop, when it's time for a drink on a hot summer day, make sure your child continues brushing twice a day, and invest in the proper equipment and gear if your child will be engaged in physical activity. If you have any questions or concerns, contact a dental office like West Lakes Family Dentistry.