A Healthy Halloween Is A Happy Halloween

Candies, chocolates, and other goodies are one of the many reasons why people love Halloween. It is a season of fun and treats that is anticipated not just by kids, but by adults as well. The sad thing about Halloween is that it is not a good time for your dental health. Parents specifically must be aware of the risk that too much candy can pose to the dental health of their kids, but they also have to make sure that they don't remove the fun out of Halloween. Here are a few easy and effective tricks to ensure your kids' dental health while still letting them make the best out of their much-awaited holiday.

Too Much of Anything is A No-No

You are aware of how much candy means to children. That's exactly the reason why they love the Halloween holiday, but that is also the reason why parents keep a double eye on their kids during these times. Instead of being the bad guy for taking their goodies away, why not opt to let them have their candy but only a little bit at a time?

Before getting them in their PJs, gather all their collected candies and have them pick a few that they'd like to eat first. After they choose their preferred treats, take the rest away and keep them somewhere you know they'll never find. Don't forget to ask them to brush and floss after eating their candies. If they ask why you're keeping their candy and not giving them everything all at once, simply tell them that it's better to have their candy supply last for days.

Have a Talk

Parents always look for ways to educate their children about their dental health. Halloween is the perfect moment to do just that. Have a talk with your kids about their dental health and how consuming too much candy will eventually lead to cavities. Don't just say candy is bad. Tell them why it's bad and what they can do to take care of their teeth better.

Set a "Treat Time"

Little kids would often want to just dig into their candies the moment they get them. Train them to have self-control and eat their candy in moderation by setting a strict Halloween "treat time." This is the specific and only time of the day wherein they can eat their goodies.

Make Them Love Brushing

In any time of the year, brushing should be a priority to ensure your children's dental health are at their best possible. Make your kids love brushing and flossing by setting games, giving rewards, or anything that can get them just as excited for brushing as they as are for the Halloween season.

Make this Halloween the best it can be by ensuring not just the fun but also the dental health of your kids and the rest of your family. Maintain smiles that you'd love showing off to the world because a healthy Halloween is a happy Halloween!

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